The Roots of JPMEDICS

JPMedics is a Japan-based health and wellness brand. JPMedics was established in 1996, and started out by importing and exporting health and massage products such as massage chairs, foot massagers, and massage pillows. 
Kumo Massage Chair
The JPMedics Kumo, engineered with top of the line Japanese technology, is a 4D L-Track massage chair that provides a world class massage experience. 
Nami Sonic Wave Machine
The JPMedics Nami generates sonic waves from a speaker system with magnetic circuits, opposed to the traditional rotating mechanical motors. 
Design Philosophy 
Inspired by the beauty, lightness, and simplicity of clouds surrounding Mount Fuji we proudly named our Massage Chair “Kumo”, Japanese for 雲 cloud (pronounced “koo-moe” in Japanese).

Our Family Crest

The family crest of JPMedics shows a mountain design within a circle, which represents Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji contributes to Japan’s physical, cultural, and spiritual geography.

Head Office

North American Office
Company Name: JPMedics 
Established: 2017
Head Office Location: 861 S Oak Park Road, Covina CA 91724